Established in 2006, zhuhai Firefox  Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer specializing in designing and manufacturing 4-wheel electric vehicles. Our company has a workshop area of 20,000 square meters and 200 workers. Our current production capacity is 100units per week, this can be adjusted with the order volume increasing. From 2008,In our R&D Department, we set a Solar photovoltaic researching team, fit the solar panels to our electric cars, we got  a  nice performance of experience.

The Company invested a lot introducing advanced technology and organizing a large number of experts and technicians in the car chassis, car design and electric motor car to inspect new products, examine the core technology of electric motor car, check production craft and inspect the quality of products, thus making improvements and breakthroughs. At present, its products include six series: the street legal, the low speed motor cars, golf carts, the truck, the elecreic cars, scooters and the hunting golf carts, which fall into scores of varieties. 

Designed and made in strict accordance with car production standard. these EVs are equipped with aluminum alloy frames, imported electric motors and controllers and other key EV parts which are made by us or domestic professional manufacturers. As a result, FFEV electric motor cars are beautiful, simple but elegant, noiseless, strongly able to continue working after a long drive, easy to maintain. With as excellent qualities ;They are extremely suitable for golf courts, tourist spots, gardenlike communities, large enterprises, government organs, parks, entertainment sites, gymnasiums, universities, colleges, hospitals, sanatoriums, stations, airports, ports, etc.

PK10 Conducting the operation mode of “unity of sale and service”, FFEV Company now has built up a nationwide sales and service network with Zhuhai City as the center and offices and general agents throughout the country as pivots. Now, its products are not only selling well in the nation but also in Southeast Asia, America, Europe and other countries and areas.

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